Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Few Things You Might Take For Granted About Your Child... But Shouldn't

Each and every giggle, chuckle, full blown belly laugh. Savour the sound as you would the most wonderful thing you've ever tasted.

Eye contact. Don't just glance, or look. Gaze, study, and absorb.

All the different scents. From the just played outside sweaty stinky to the sweet clean after bath or shower loveliness, to the hint of the personal one of a kind heaven fragrance that lingers since their newborn days. It does.

The feel. All the boney, squishy, soft, solid bits you get in just a single short hug.

The hair. Smell it, stroke it, brush it, and at least sometimes, just let it do the wild thing it naturally does. Trace the cowlicks and curls and memorize them.

The warm skin against your lips, on those soft cheeks and sweet foreheads. Feel it as often as you possibly can.

At least every day, say I love you. But more importantly, make sure it is heard. Every day. Every day.

Move heaven and earth to say good night. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, whenever even slightly possible, stop. And say good night.

Throw a ball, jump on a trampoline, go for a walk, sing a song loudly, laugh about nothing, change batteries in a toy, take pictures... not next weekend. This weekend. Not tomorrow. Today.

That one cd. You're so sick of it, but really you love it. You do. Same with that one book.

Laundry. Every once in a while, hug a shirt because it came through the pile again.

Jars of milk and containers of crackers disappearing so quickly that you have to go to the store again. Go to the store again.

Beautiful eyes meeting yours in the rear view mirror of the car while you drive.

Being close enough to feel warm little breaths on your face or neck.


The focused, intimate, individual, sacred time that is spent in times of sickness or struggle.

Being taught when you thought you were teaching.

Forgiveness. How quickly it comes. How pure it is.

That filthy tattered blanket or stuffed toy that you wish you could just toss. Don't even think about it.

School carpool lines.

People, places, songs, movies, stories that otherwise never would have been a part of your life.

The quirks or peculiarities that slow things down or drive you crazy. They are really brushstrokes that create the uniqueness and beauty.

Worn through knees in pants, stained shirts, holes in socks.

How much of your heart is alive and well because of that unconditional and perfect love coming to you. To have it is miraculous.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful. I have no other words.

Dave and Jana said...

Beautiful Wendy! Thank you for the sweet reminders! I love you!

Almost bedtime said...

Thanks for the reminders, Wendy. Especially the bedtime one. I always cuddle my kids and hang out with them before bed but just recently I have become very lazy about going upstairs and saying goodnight to the oldest two when they are tucked in bed. I am so tired by the end of the day that I can't find the strength. Tonight I'll make sure I do :-)

Jem said...

This made me smile through tears. Thank you for writing this.

ROPOOL said...

Thinking of you and the Hoop peeps. Every day I hope you get a glimpse of peace. <3

Katey said...

I love this!

chelon:) said...

absolutely beautiful. such great great reminders. i love you hoop family!

Almost bedtime said...

Hi Wendy. Hope that you are doing ok. I think about you often. I have just tagged you in a bloggy game where you have to answer and ask questions about yourself. Totally understand if you don't feel like doing it but just wanted to give you a heads up that I had linked to you and that I was thinking of you. Take care.

Amy said...

So perfect and bueatiful! Hugs to u and your family!

Janelle Ehat said...

So beautiful and such a great reminder. Thank you for this.

Quintessential Hill said...

Oh sweet Wendy. This is beautiful! Thank you so so much.

Kristi said...

So beautiful!!!