Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Tis My Season

Fall weather. Grey skies. Apples all over our lawn and kitchen. Scents in the air touched with cinnamon. Crunchy leaves. Sweaters. All things I love. I realize I will shortly be griping about freezing my butt off and it taking 45 minutes to get everyone out the door, but for now, aaaaaah.

There is something about fall. It makes me all at once happy and nostalgic. It is sort of my New Year's. This is when I tend to reflect and renew and daydream. Some years fall has been a fabulously happy time, and others it has been heavy and hard. This year is some of both, but more happy than hard. When I was nose to nose with my smiling baby today (who incidentally was rocking a sweet grey sweater vest), well, that's bliss. Noah actually tossed and caught a football with the rest of the family after dinner. That's big. Like tears in my eyes big. Maybe that's making me a bit sentimentally foggy tonight.

Fall is when I see beauty all around. To all those I love, past and present, all those who inspire, uplift and enlighten me, those who make me laugh until it hurts, those who love me even at my most unlovable, those angels in my life who masquerade as mere mortals, to kind strangers, beautiful souls, Happy Autumn.


Janet said...

Fall is my favorite too.

Kelly Rigby said...

I like it too!! Can't believe Noah played football...even if it was one throw or catch, that's huge!!!!! yay!!! And I know the very vest of which you speak....aww, so cute.
I went to my "superfreak fitness" group last night and worked out outside...it was beautiful!!! Sigh.