Tuesday, March 12, 2013


We're moving in about 3 and a half weeks. I had been searching for somewhere to move once our contract here ends in April, and was becoming worried since I just wasn't finding anything. Granted, it's difficult to find something big enough for us, where there is room for the husband to work (he works primarily from home) without the whole household being disrupted, at least a bit of a yard, a fence, in a good location, and for the right price. We're not an easy bunch to house. But even so, we're in a pretty large-family-friendly area, and I thought there would be more to choose from. Months of classifieds, craigslist, and driving around to look at houses yielded nothing that would work.

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine mentioned that she thought there might be something in her neighbourhood. Several phone calls and a few days later, I went and looked at the house, later that day sent Jeremy to look at the house, and by the next day we had decided that was where we needed to be. It's further out than we were wanting to be, and there may be some minor space challenges, but with perks like lower rent, a neighbourhood pool, and dear and long-time friends living near-by, we would have been nuts not to grab it.

It should be an interesting stretch coming up- packing, cleaning, uninstalling a fence, moving, 3 days after moving, the husband flies to Italy for a shoot (yikes), my brother's family is (temporarily or maybe not) moving across the country to Utah mid-April (we're lucky if we've seen them once a year over the years, so this will be awesome- cousins!), plus everyone will still be in school not so near our house anymore, and then there's all the reassembly and unpacking that seems to take months to complete... I'm exhausted already. But feeling very peaceful and blessed at the same time. This new house was pretty much dropped into our laps, and it's such a major hurdle and stress to have behind me!

That is part of why I have been MIA for months. Sickness and family in town and Christmas in December, catch up and house hunting from January til now, ugly sickness in February (4 weeks of bronchitis, sinus infection and ear infection, and that was just me) for everybody, and now preparing to move. Hopefully things will start to return to normal in the not too distant future. Did you see how I made it sound like I know what 'normal' is, there?  :)

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